Pink Morganite Kisses Collection

Show your appreciation to your lady or yourself with this 14k rose gold plated Sterling Silver necklace filled with lab created Morganite and white sapphire surrounding gem.  


Description: 14k rose gold over 925 sterling silver necklace, lab created morganite in center and white sapphire surrounding gem.  

  • Hypoallergenic
  • 925 sterling silver, 92.5% pure silver, 7.5% copper 
  • 17.5 inches long 
  • 1.2 caret all together 


Material: 925 sterling silver, lab created morganite and white sapphire 

This collection includes:

1. Morganite/White Sapphire Necklace 

2. Morganite/White Sapphire Earrings

***Pure Silver has the ability to tarnish and is a delicate metal. We plated our sterling silver with 14k rose gold and Rhodium plated to combat tarnish. Tarnishing is a chemical reaction that gradually darkens and dulls metals. Exposure to sulfur in air and water creates a coating of tarnish on the surface of the metal, resulting in a loss of brightness and shine. Combat it by cleaning regularly, avoid putting oils, lotions, perfume, and no swimming or showering with item.